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Alaska cruise small ship cruise

"We've paddled some fantastic places, but nothing has surpassed the forests and mountains we've seen on our Home Shore trip. A kayaking dream - where else could a kayaker find a built-in shuttle and cozy camp complete with gourmet food and hot showers?"
~ Lewis Bayer, Florida

"Still Paddling 
Her Own Canoe

Well-known solo kayaker Audrey Sutherland's trip on Home Shore
(Wavelength Magazine
June 03)

"Character Motherships" by Jim Kyle, June '04. Wavelength Magazine

"Baranof by Mothership"
Canoe & Kayak 04 Buyer's Guide

Alaska Small Ship Cruise & Alaskan Small Ship Cruises

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Southeast Alaska Cruise Small Ship Photos

Unique Alaska kayaking
Home Shore's Alaska Small Ship Cruises Provide Unique Padding Experiences

Alaska cruise small ship

Small Ships travel to Unexplored Alaskan Bays and Passageways

Alaska Small ship cruises
Alaska Small Ship Cruises -- Up Close and Personal Kayaking with Icebergs

Alaskan coastal town
Cruise Backwaters and to Small Alaskan Coastal Towns

Trawler converted to charter yacht
Home Shore Cruises the Alaskan Wilderness in Comfort

Chartered mothership paddling
Mothership Quiet Backwater Kayaking and Peaceful Bay Paddling

Home Shore Offers a Variety of Alaskan Cruises and Eco Tours
Wildlife abounds in the lagoons, secret passages, and barrier islands of Alaska's primeval rainforests, with whale, bear, and porpoise sightings likely along the course and during kayaking sidetrips.

View petroglyphs and visit a First Nations village. Your paddling explorations will be guided.

Home Shore's unique small ship cruises are open to a groups or couples, with just six guests. Visit the multitude of pristine alcoves that your captain sighted during his ninety more-hurried commercial passages and can now return to discover.

Your Alaskan kayaking small ship cruises visit prime paddling destinations in the pristine wilderness between Sitka and Petersburg, if you so select.

On some charter cruises you'll explore tidewater glaciers and Ford's Terror in enchanting Holcomb Bay, where you paddle through ice floes and watch walls of ice calve into the sea.

You may choose to paddle and explore the intriguing fjords of Alaska's stunning Baranof Island! Home Shore's ship captain has intimate working knowledge of these waters.

As another alternative, you may select your Alaska cruise experience to uncover the bold ocean capes on the west side and the "Waterfall Coast" of Chatham Strait. Combined, these offer a wide diversity of kayaking environments, all with stunning mountainous backdrops.

More great Alaska photos

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Southeast Alaskan ship Cruises Photos     

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