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Winter 2008 Issue
A Special Whale Ballet
Featured Destination: Inside Passage Mothership Tour
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All the best to you in 2008 from Alaska on the Home Shore!  With a busy 2007 season under our belt, our crew is looking forward to summer again.  Our office manager Nichole is now answering initial inquiries, and Capt. Jim is always prepared to field special questions.  We hope you enjoy this newsletter -  feedback is welcomed!

A Special Whale Ballet _____________________________________________________________________

Alaska whale watching
We see many whales on every tour.  While viewing from Home Shore we  observe distance regulations and minimize our movement, whales often closely approach our quietly adrift vessel.  This intimacy was taken to a new level during a July 2007 tour, when our six guests from Salt Lake City enjoyed front-row seats for a stunning humpback ballet.  Dozens of whales surrounded us, and two of them selected Home Shore for a ninety-minute command performance.  The following description was written by guest Virgil Fernandez.

An urgent rap on the door shortened my shower.  I heard Mari yell, "whales, right next to the boat!"  As I exited the aft door the explosive exhalation of a humpback whale, just a few feet away, startled me.  The massive blackish-gray body followed, majestically rising out of the water, exposing the barnacled dorsal fin, crusty and scarred.  Then the second whale repeated the performance, even closer.  A shiver ran through my entire body as I realized what I had just seen.

As the two whales danced close-by for over an hour, it dawned on me they were purposeful in their actions.  They were saying,  "Look at my beautiful tail swish left to right, just for you!  Watch me twirl underneath you.  Watch us blow bubbles around your boat.  How do you like my long pectoral fin when I raise it into the air and wave at you?"  During one pass a few feet from the stern, Mari and I saw the whale roll slightly so the eye was looking right up at us.  For me, it was instinctive.  I said "hello" with my hand and my voice.  The whale emitted a single, large bubble from its blowhole.  Then it waved back.

I slumped on the stern with overwhelming feelings of awe and fascination.  This beautiful pair of mammoth creatures was performing just for us, full of playfulness, exhilarating surprises, gentle beauty.  They were calling to us, imprinting in each of us a memory of an intimate encounter never to be forgotten.
---Guest Virgil Fernandez

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New Featured Destination: British Columbia's Inside Passage

Sept. 1, 2008, Home Shore will depart Ketchikan, Alaska, southbound for Bellingham, Washington, for an exploratory kayaking mothership tour through British Columbia's remote and world-famous Inside Passage, including the Great Bear Rainforest. This wilderness tour will extend to twelve days, but at the same rate as our 8-day tours.  See the link below for a description, and contact us with any questions.  Come explore with us!


Paddling Alaska 2008 and 2009

Our tours are filling up earlier each year, so be sure to contact us soon to avoid disappointment.  We do maintain a standby list in case the available dates don't work for you.

2008:  Space is available on just two tours:  
          June 3 - 10,  6 berths, you choose route
          Sept.1 - 12,  4 berths, Inside Passage Alaska to Washington                (see above)

2009:  Space is available on most tours

Visit our 2008 and/or 2009 schedules for more details.  Happy paddling!

CANOECOPIA! Visit us (Ben & Ensan) in Madison March 7 - 9. We love to have previous guests in our booth!

Thanks for reading our Winter 2008 issue of Alaska on the Home Shore News! Be sure to drop us a line with your feedback. We look forward to keeping you updated with helpful information about exploring Southeast Alaska by kayak.

Happy paddling,

Captain Jim Kyle and the Home Shore crew
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