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Alaska small ship cruise - mountains ahead!

"Réanne and I have observed Jim Kyle's Home Shore operation since it began and can highly recommend the Kyle family's personal touches in planning activities, training and cuisine, as well as their respect for the environment. We give Home Shore top marks for professionalism and integrity!"

Don Douglass & Réanne Hemingway-Douglass Authors of the Top-rated Exploring Series of Nautical Guidebooks & Maps for the entire Pacific Coast

"Captain Jim Kyle's Inside Passage Training Cruise is an absolute must for those considering piloting their own boat north to Alaska. Unlike reference books for armchair sailors, this hands-on training while underway instills confidence, without which no well-prepared skipper should leave the dock."
~ Jim Wood,
Contributing writer for Nor'Westing

Alaska Trawler Training School - Inside Passage Trawler Training

Would you care to consult a past Training Cruise guest before you book your passage?

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Alaska Inside Passage Training Cruise Reservations
Alaska Inside Passage Training Cruise Inside Passage

"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. . . In or out of 'em, it doesn't matter."
~ From The Wind in the Willows

Hello Prospective Guests:

North to Alaska! A hundred trips and forty seven years after my first Inside Passage adventure, I still look forward to the next one. Join us for eight days of hands-on instruction preparing you for your own passage, in the world's most spectacular classroom. We'll anchor most nights and visit intriguing villages like Ocean Falls and Klemtu.

Home Shore is a wooden commercial vessel, a family member for twenty five years, converted for your comfort with three private staterooms. Our crew includes captain, first mate and hostess/chef. Our cuisine is second to none, a voyage highlight.

Welcome aboard!
Capt. Jim Kyle  

Home Shore Inside Passage
Trawler Training Cruise
  May 1 - 8:   Bellingham to Ketchikan (board vessel April 30)
May 9 - 12:   Optional add-on to Sitka
May 16 - 23:   Sitka to Ketchikan via Glacier Bay
May 26 - June 2:   Ketchikan to Bellingham (board vessel May 25)


Aft staterooms (2) $4200/person

Fwd stateroom (1) $3800/person

Optional 3-day add on May 9 - 12 is $900/person aft, $700/person fwd.

* *  2010 Cruising Couple Special: 10% Discount!  * * 

or call 1.800.287.7063 (01) or 360.738.2239

Questions for Capt. Kyle? call 360.592.2375, or visit brochure page for more information.

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Rates include artfully prepared meals, beverages, and accommodations aboard Home Shore. There are no on-board charges. Airfare and shore accomodations (if desired) are separate.

To reserve your berths, 50% deposit is required. The remaining 50% is due at the conclusion of your passage. We accept Visa and MC by phone for initial deposits only. Please call or email us for additional information or to make reservations.

Alaska navigation Inside Passage training
"Navitorium" training session
Visiting Alaskan Ghost Town
Visiting B.C. ghost town
Home Shore Inside Passage Trawler Training Cruise:

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Trawler Training

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