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"We've paddled some fantastic places, but nothing has surpassed the forests and mountains we've seen on our Home Shore trip. A kayaking dream - where else could a kayaker find a built-in shuttle and cozy camp complete with gourmet food and hot showers?"
~ Lewis Bayer, Florida

FAQS About Our Alaska Boat Charter Trips

Q: How much kayaking will we do?
A: As much as you want. Most of our guests are happy paddling several hours a day. Home Shore can pick up some paddlers early and meet others farther along.

Q: Are most of your tours reserved for full chartered boat groups?
A: No, only about half are. The other half are reserved to couples (sometimes singles) who have similar interests.

Q: What if people don't get along?
A: Kayakers are the most accommodating people in the world. We usually all feel like family at tour's end.

Q: What about bugs?
A: We have never used the screens we bought for the windows. Repellant is helpful on some shore visits, but bugs are seldom a problem on the water.

Q: How much paddling experience is required?
A: We can provide excellent paddling conditions for beginners through experts.

Q: Can I paddle a single kayak?
A: Yes, a good variety is available, with an additional $200 charge, and guests are required to provide their own wet or dry suit.

Q: Can our tour visit calving tidewater glaciers?
A: Yes, on some of our routes.

Q: How do we board a kayak from the boat?
A: Step through a door in the bulwarks, down onto a kayak-level platform, then climb in with assistance from a line from above and your guide steadying your boat. A spry lady in her mid eighties has used our system without difficulty.

Q: How early do your charter trips fill up?
A: For the 2007 season, we were 95% booked by Jan. 1. For 2008, we were essentially booked by mid-August 2007.

Q: When is the best time to see whales?
A: Alaska Gray whales are seen in outer passages until about July 4. Humpbacks are seen all season long. Orca sightings are less frequent but occur on many of our tours.

Q: What is the Alaskan weather like?
A: May and June are usually cooler and drier, with temperatures ranging from lower 40's at night to upper 50's during the day. July and August are warmer, with temperatures averaging in the 60's, with warmer weather as high as the upper 70's possible. Most tours have some mix of sunshine, overcast, and drizzle or rain.

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