"We've paddled some fantastic places, but nothing has surpassed the forests and mountains we've seen on our Home Shore trip. A kayaking dream - where else could a kayaker find a built-in shuttle and cozy camp complete with gourmet food and hot showers?"
~ Lewis Bayer, Florida

"Still Paddling 
Her Own Canoe

Well-known solo kayaker Audrey Sutherland's trip on Home Shore
(Wavelength Magazine
June 03)

"Character Motherships" by Jim Kyle, June '04. Wavelength Magazine

"Baranof by Mothership"
Canoe & Kayak 04 Buyer's Guide

" We've had many paddling adventures,
but none compare to our circumnavigation of Baranof Island on board Home Shore."
~ Ross Prather, Editor,
Canoe & Kayak Magazine

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Alaskan Whale Photos
Alaska whales photos - humpback whale Alaska whales - humpback Alaska whales Alaska whales photos - humpback Alaska humpback whale Alaska whale photos - humpback whale Alaskan whales photos - humpback whale Alaska whales photos - humpback whale Alaskan whale photos - humpback whale

Alaskan whales photos - humpback whale

Kayaking with Alaska whales Kayaking with Alaska Whales

Alaska Whales

Alaska whale watching



Alaska's great marine mammals, whales and porpoises, spend all or the majority of their time in water. Thick layers of fat help to keep them warm in frigid waters. Since they are mammals, they must always come up to the surface to breathe, although they can often hold their breath for surprisingly long lengths of time.

The suborder Odontoceti contains toothed whales and dolphins, along with porpoises. All have teeth, even though, in some cases these teeth may never erupt through the gums. Sizes and types of teeth vary per animal type, depending upon their diets. All members of this sub-group sport only one external blowhole. They vary in size from the huge sperm whale, almost 60 feet in length, to the relatively small 6 foot long porpoise. Toothed-whales that are the most common in southwest Alaska are the beluga (white whale) and the killer whale (orca).

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