Alaska whale watching tours

Alaska Whale Watching

Alaska Whale Watching Tours
"The Gray Whale"

Homeshore provides comfortable and leisurely cruising in pristine southwest Alaska waters, with trips and kayaking excursions into rarely seen breathtaking wilderness.

You'll marvel at diving humpbacks and cruise by great gray whales, kayaking or returning to the comfort of your cozy, wooden mothership.

Captain Jim Kyle holds a US Coast Guard 100 Ton Passenger License and an M.A. in Environmental Policy. A commercial fisherman in Alaska since 1962, operating Alaska on the Home Shore charters since 1997, he provides expert guidance and unique eco and whale-watching experiences for guests.
Alaska whale watching cruise

Alaska Photos - Alaska Whale Watching Tours

Alaska whale watching cruises

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Alaskan Whale Watching Photos

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Alaska whale watching tours - Alaska photos humpback whale
Photo Suzanne Steel  
Alaska whale watching cruise chartered tours - nearby whale

Alaska photos watching breaching whale on tour of Alaskan waters
Photo Suzanne Steel  
Sea kayaking & whale watching - breaching humpback whale

Photo Gary Luhm  
Sea kayaking - returning to Alaska tour ship & watching whale near the Home Shore

Alaska whale watching a blackfish, sometimes called a false killer whale

Alaska whale tours - watching a blackfish, sometimes called a "false killer whale."

Alaska Whale Watching

The history of the relationship between the California gray whale and humans is long and sometimes bitter.

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