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"We've paddled some fantastic places, but nothing has surpassed the forests and mountains we've seen on our Home Shore trip. A kayaking dream - where else could a kayaker find a built-in shuttle and cozy camp complete with gourmet food and hot showers?"
~ Lewis Bayer, Florida


Click to read -- Singing to Grizzly Bears
Singing to Grizzly Bears
By Bob Duke

As the shout of "bear" rose over the clatter of the anchor chain, all eyes aboard Home Shore turned toward a boulder-strewn spit...
Singing to Grizzly Bears >>>

Passagemaker March 2007

Click for Gray Whale Encounter Article Whale Watching - Alaska Gray Whale Encounter
by © Captain Jim Kyle

"There he is, port side!"
This gray whale was a surprise.
Gray Whale Encounter >>>

WaveLength Magazine, 2002

Click to read Paddler Magazine Article On the Homeshore with Jim Kyle
by Joshua Brockman

Following spawning salmon would provide a tour of some of the best sea kayaking in Southeast Alaska. Traveling with Jim Kyle may be the next best thing...

From commercial fishing to kayaking in Southeast Alaska >>>

Paddler Magazine, July / August 2006

Click to read about great salmon barbeque recipes Fish Tales
by Elizabeth Short

Commercial fishermen are famous for sentences that begin with, "I remember the time when ..."

Alaska Fishermen Dish Up the Secrets of Great Salmon Barbeque >>>

Fiery Foods Magazine

The Five Best Ways to Explore Southeast Alaska
Exploring Glaciers and Fjords (on Homeshore)
Dipping into the Panhandle >>>

Outside Magazine, April 2004

Click to go to Article: Baranof by Mothership Baranof by Mothership
by Ross Prather

We had been paddling for hours in a cold, penetrating Alaskan drizzle. Our five kayaks—three tandems and two singles—were widely spaced...
After a mother ship-supported kayak trip, don’t be surprised if camping loses some of its luster >>>

Canoe and Kayak, 2005

Click to go to Article: Still Paddling Her Own Canoe Still Paddling Her Own Canoe
by Elizabeth Short

Audrey Sutherland, longtime Hawaii resident and author of Paddling My Own Canoe and Paddling Hawaii, is an icon of solo wilderness kayaking.

Kyle was pleased ... but also surprised when Sutherland booked the charter. "Why after nearly 8,000 miles of solo kayaking did you call a mothership?" >>>

WaveLength Magazine, June/July 2004

Click for Article: Can I Paddle My Own Boat? Alaska Kayaking
by Captain Jim Kyle

The 'Last Frontier' beckons all paddlers! Southeast Alaska (the Panhandle) is a kayaking paradise...
Can I Paddle My Own Boat? >>>

WaveLength Magazine, 2005

Click for Article:  Character Motherships 'Character' Motherships
by Captain Jim Kyle

The opposite of the luxury cruise is the sea kayak camping trip, the quintessential close-to-nature experience for those wishing to paddle their boat and taste the salt...
Sea kayak mothershipping is a recent phenomenon... >>>

WaveLength Magazine, 2003

Click to read Nor'Westing Article Why Knot
by Jim Wood

Take it as you wish: being fogbound can either be a blessing or a curse...

Home Shore Navigation Classes >>>

Nor'Westing, March - April 2008

Click to read Nor'Westing Article Home Shore - Sitka - Bellingham
by Jim Wood

... What was envisioned as working crew turned into adventure of a lifetime ...

Home Shore - Sitka to Bellingham >>>

Nor'Westing, October - November 2008

Click for Article: Can I Paddle My Own Boat? The Weekend Plan
by Adam McCulloch

Open-water paddling without the risk factor...
The Easy Way >>>

Outside Magazine, 2008

Click to read Latitudes & Attitudes Article Joining the Epic Calvacade
by Elizabeth Short

"...every Inside Passage tour is inevitably valiant -- in those historic and untamed waters..."

Attaining Local Knowlege on the Inside Passage >>>

"Lattitudes & Attitudes Seafaring" Magazine, April '09 issue

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