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Jim Kyle is a careful man who inspires confidence about exploring any waters. Ben is a younger version with a touch more daring. I'd want to cruise on any boat with a Captain Kyle at the helm.
Susan Radke-Sproul,
three time guest

With a crew so easy-going and relaxed, we soon became part of the Home Shore family.
Jarett Wait

Dear Capt. Kyle,
We had one of our best trips ever on the Home Shore. The scenery, activity, weather, camaraderie, food, and service were all wonderful. We always get some of the above, but almost never all.

I taught Management in the College of Business at Mississippi State before I retired. From our experience on the Home Shore I know you want us to have the best experience we can have, you have set the proper tone, and your staff shares that goal.

Your three crewmembers were the best.
Prof. Walter Newsom

Our Crew

"Remembering the crew's camaraderie will keep smiles on our faces as we tell our Alaska stories."
~ Leslie Pletcher, California

Captains' Note:
You will be impressed by the high quality of our charter crews.
Each tour employs a captain, a mate/guide, and a hostess/chef.
Our captains and guides all have advanced wilderness first aid training, and our chefs have food-handling and first aid certification.
We are all amateur naturalists. Good people skills are prerequisite, and a family atmosphere pervades our tours. You will appreciate our dedication, teamwork, and passion for our "workplace" - the coastal wilderness of the Inside Passage.
Hostess / Chef
Lisa (Ensan) Brodsky, Hostess/Chef

Ensan earned a B.A. in Art at Williams College and received four years of training at a Zen monastery in Japan.

With a passion for eldercare, she has returned to university in preparation for an advanced career in health care. Extensive close-to-the-earth travel stirred her interested in ethnic cuisines and led her to favor entrees that highlight the natural essence of fresh, local ingredients.

Mate / Guide
Benson Isley, Mate/Guide

Benson holds a B.A. in Outdoor Recreation and served as head of his university's outdoor activity program while teaching kayaking classes and guiding trips.

His artistic skills (dry board murals, foam sculptures) and quick wit add a delightful edge to his tours. Benson is working toward his USCG 100-Ton Passenger License and has long-term aspirations in the outdoor recreation field.

Jim Kyle, Captain

Jim has worked on the waters of the Inside Passage for over four decades, as commercial fisherman and charter captain.

He holds a USCG 100-Ton Passenger License and an M.A. in Environmental Policy, giving him a unique perspective as he pursues his passion for exploring secret wilderness passages.

Jim's long maritime career includes an unblemished safety record, and our guests are reassured by his calm presence.

Hostess / Chef
Kendra Miller, Hostess/Chef

Kendra has had a life-long passion for cooking that began at age ten.

A natural and impressive talent in the galley, she sees restaurant ownership as a possibility in her future. She loves to use fresh seafood for entrees and has a repertoire of amazing desserts.

Kendra is majoring in journalism at Western Washington University.
Hostess / Chef
Kristin Hoelting, Hostess/Chef

Kristin is a native of Petersburg, Alaska who learned cooking skills while commercial fishing.

A magna-cum-laude Harvard graduate with a degree in Environmental Science, she has work experience in conservation and ethnology from Alaska to Cape Horn (pictured).

Kristin is irrepressible, and has been known to charm guests by reading "The Cremation of Sam McGee" and teaching salsa dancing.

Mate / Guide
Ben Kyle, Captain, Mate/Guide

Ben grew up fishing commercially - Home Shore is his second home and Southeast Alaska his neighborhood. He holds a USCG 100-Ton Passenger License.

Professional photographer and outdoor enthusiast, Ben's good-natured patience as kayak guide and captain is legendary.

A veteran of several extended solo Alaska paddle trips, he spends the offseason skiing and maintaining our mothership.

Office Manager
Nichole Kyle, Office Manager

Nichole earned a B.A. in Sociology by fishing on board Home Shore.

She now does contract work in geriatrics for Washington State and handles business responsibilities, including booking, for Alaska on the Home Shore Co., working at home while caring for two young children. Our guests compliment Nichole for her helpfulness and professionalism during the booking process.

Mate / Guide
Ron Smith, Mate/Guide, Safety Coordinator

An expert white water paddler and ocean racer who has paddled all over North America, Ron co-founded Black Parrot Paddling LLC, completed BCU 5-Star Sea Training in Anglesey, Wales, and is ACA-certified as an Open Water Kayak Instructor Trainer.

With unmatched paddling passion and knowledge, Ron has led a two-day on-board paddling safety workshop for our staff and helps coordinate our kayaking safety protocols.

Mate / Guide
Forrest Wells, Mate/Guide

Forrest holds a B.A. in Marine Biology, a USCG 200-Ton Passenger License, and ACA certification as Open Water Kayak Guide.

He crewed on a high seas NOAA research vessel for three years, and serves as head kayaking instructor at Olympic Outdoor Center. His wide experience and enthusiasm are evident in all he does on board - including deckhand duties, guiding, and wildlife interpretation.

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