Southeast Alaska Kayaking Mothership Custom Cruises

Southeast Alaska tours whale watching Fully-guided eco tours visit prime paddling destinations in the pristine Southeast Alaska wilderness.

Your kayaking mothership, Home Shore, visits tidewater glaciers hidden bay and passageways, where you paddle through ice floes and watch walls of ice calve into the sea.

Kayak with humpback whales, soak in hotsprings, fish for your salmon dinner, hike in ancient rainforests, and thrill at the untamed wilderness including brown bear.

Your personalized sea kayak mothership, offers customized kayaking, whale watching, cruising and exploration itineraries for small private cruises of just six guests.

You pick the areas, set the pace as you paddle for an hour or all day.

Home Shore offers double occupancy staterooms, gourmet meals from the sea, and the traditions of a warm classic wooden boat.

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All Three Southeast Alaska Mothership Kayaking Tour Routes

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