Southeast Alaska mothership eco tour

Myriad Islands Alaska Kayaking Mothership Custom Cruise Eco Tour

Alaskan whale watching Paddle through the Myriad Islands of West Chichagof, a sheltered Alaskan wilderness labyrinth, with the wild Pacific just beyond the outer reef.

Whale watching, myriad wildlife, brown bear, sea otters, bald eagles, sea lions, dolphin, ancient rainforests, and hotsprings.

Paddling through isolated lagoons and sea arches and on your eco tour visit, and, if you choose, the incomparably beautiful, difficult to reach, Lituya Bay.

We have intimate working knowledge of these hidden bays, islands and waterways. Home Shore is your personal sea kayak mothership.

Paddle through unseen passages for an hour or all day, you set the pace. Small wooden boat - converted fishing trawler with homey luxury, gourmet meals and more, based in spectacular Sitka - prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

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