Alaska kayaking trip
Alaska kayaking trip
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"We've paddled some fantastic places, but nothing has surpassed the forests and mountains we've seen on our Home Shore trip. A kayaking dream - where else could a kayaker find a built-in shuttle and cozy camp complete with gourmet food and hot showers?"

~ Lewis Bayer, Florida

Alaska kayaking - Ford's Terror

"Still Paddling 
Her Own Canoe

Well-known solo kayaker Audrey Sutherland's trip on Home Shore
(Wavelength Magazine
June 03)

"Character Motherships" by Jim Kyle, June '04. Wavelength Magazine

"Baranof by Mothership"
Canoe & Kayak 04 Buyer's Guide

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Alaska Kayaking Trips
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"We've had many paddling adventures, but none compare to our circumnavigation of Baranof Island on board Home Shore."
~ Ross Prather,
Editor, Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Alaska on the Home Shore is the foremost provider of customized mothership sea kayaking in Alaska.

Alaska Kayaking: Explore a mystical Alaskan seascape by kayak, then rendezvous in the next tranquil anchorage. Dine, relax, and sleep on board.

Sea Kayaking Beginners:
No Kayaking experience required.
You will feel secure in our ultra-stable Eddyline tandems. After learning the basics, you will enjoy guided excursions in suitable conditions.
Experienced Kayakers:
Paddle one of our tandems, an available single, or bring your own kayak. If you prefer a single you must provide your own cold water protection. All paddlers are asked to sign a trip waiver of responsibility.
Boarding your kayak is easy.
Step onto our mothership stationary water-level platform, then board assisted by an overhead grabline and your guide. All equipment is provided, including quality, light-weight paddles.
Your safety is paramount.
Alaska kayaking with Humpback whales Alaska kayak outfitting
Your Alaska kayaking excursions are led by a guide with local knowledge and a keen eye on tides and weather. You know how mother(ship)s are.
Alaska kayaking tour What are the advantages of kayaking by mothership?
The article "Baranof Mothership" describes "cherry picking" the most spectacular places to paddle on our trip and cruising between them while relaxing on board Home Shore.
Enjoy the family atmosphere and comforts of home, including a library, gourmet meals, hot showers, and warm, private staterooms at day's end.
Alaska Kayaking How much will I kayak each day?
As much as you want. You will be routinely consulted about excursion lengths and destinations. Home Shore can pick up some guests half way and rendezvous with others after a longer paddle. Every tour and excursion is custom-planned.
Southeast Alaska paddling and kayaking What paddling experiences does Southeast Alaska offer?
Our three tour routes transit the world's most spectacular and varied kayaking environment.

Our trips provide for exploration of tidal sloughs, sea arches, barrier islands, and ice-laden fjords.

Paddle amidst acrobatic humpback whales and view browsing brown bear.
Glide through sea foam patches pulsing with a dampened ocean swell, as sea otter families bask in nearby kelp patches and eagles soar overhead.

And the best part: on most kayaking tours, you will see no other kayaks, boats, or humans.

Alaska kayaking - Baranof
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