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Alaska Charter Boats Travel - Chart of Tour Routes

Alaska Charter Inside Passage - Charter Boat Underway

"Three different tour routes - originating in Sitka."

Alaska charter boat travel: Alaska on the Home Shore is the foremost provider of customized mothership sea kayaking in Alaska.

Alaska charter boat travel during summer on the Inside Passagae. Alaska Inside Passage - Alaska charter boat tour routes. Alaska chart showing charter boat tour routes to Chichagof, Tracy Arm and Baranof.

Chichagof:   160 - 240 miles, 2 to 4 hrs. average charter boat travel per day

Baranof:   200 miles, 3 hrs. average travel per day

Tracy Arm:   350 miles, 5 to 6 hrs. average travel per day

From the base of our Alaska charter boat mothership, explore a mystical Alaskan seascape by kayak. Dine, relax, and sleep in comfort aboard a warm, wood boat.

Misty Fjords Alaska Charter Boat Trip

For example: on this fully-guided wilderness tour your charter departs from Petersburg, a picturesque fishing village, and travels several hours daily between paddling destinations en route to Ketchikan via the incomparable Misty Fjords National Monument.

With our comfortable charter boat fully protected from the ocean, this route's kayaking destinations range from tiny pristine tidal channels to calm passages below the soaring granite walls of the Misty Fjords.

Expect to see a plethora of Alaskan wildlife including humpback whales and bears, not to mention sea lions feasting on the salmon runs.

Enjoy your Alaska charter boat's comfortable double occupancy staterooms, fine cuisine, and the traditions of a classic wooden vessel.

Home Shore is a comfortable, warm, Alaska charter boat that provides relaxing yet exciting adventures and paddling excursions that can only be experienced from an up close and personal Alaskan charter.

She winds gracefully through majestic fjords and secluded waters, allowing kayaking tours among the playful activities of marine life, secluded shorelines and glaciers of the north. You may linger near Humpback whales as they bubble feed. Porpoises could choose to travel with our sleek wooden vessel or play in its wake. Resting seals may bark from their glacial icebergs as you travel Alaska's backcountry and rarely seen waterways on your charter boat -- far from the cruise ship standard path. Discover the hidden and untouched Alaska your own way on Alaska's unique charter boats.

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